Are you sufferring from pain?

Muscle aches?



We have paperwork exemption and part of essential services to remain open during Covid19 lockdown.

#1 Recommended for all pain injuries. All in One complete integration of massage, pressure point manipulation, spinal manipulation and dry needling acupuncture. We are always busy fully booked, so please call in to book fast!

Osteopathy has become increasingly most popular and trusted form of treatment for spinal, muscular pain complaints. It is not only effective but it is also a highly recognised practitioner of 5 Years university trained in physical and manual healthcare.


At Doveton Osteopathy, we are here with over 6 years experiences. The osteopath is excellent in general osteopathic care of joint, muscle and nerve complaints for all ages. We are very thorough in treatment to treat the root of the problem not just the symptoms. We will take a thorough medical history, assess your posture, examine your joint movements, conduct muscle and nerve tests to determine appropriate osteopathic manual therapy for your condition.


We have many high recommendation and referrals from local doctors.

We BULK BILL all EPC care plan referrals from GP doctors.


You'll be happy of how much you will feel better!

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 - Back pain

 - Joint pain

 - Heel, foot pain

 - Sport injuries and more

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We also offer professional hot rock aromatic & remedial massage therapy done by our female therapists oversee by our osteopath to make sure it is safe. You can make a separate booking for this relaxation service.




- Massage, muscular pressure point

- Spinal manipulation

- Dry needling (using accupuncture needle)

- Correct alignment

- Tailored exercises advice

- Posture education


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Doveton Osteopathy open since 2008. ABN: 37 182 946 672

Last updated November, 2019.