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What you need to bring to the consultation:

For an initial consultation please bring any of your previous radiography imaging and reports (eg: recent X-rays, Ultrasound, CT scan, MRI). Please wear thin, loose clothing to facilitate physical assessment and testing. Do not wear restrictive clothing. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your initial consultation to fill in our New-Patient form.


Medical history and assessment:


On of our Osteopaths will take a thorough medical history, please make sure you bring a list of any medications/supplements you are taking, and recent scans. After taking medical history, we will conduct a physical assessment; in some cases you may be required to disrobe a body part for appropriate tests/assessment. If we believe you require further tests to substantiate a diagnosis, we may refer you for medical imaging.


Treatment and After-care:


After the assessment, our Osteopaths will apply manual therapy treatment. The treatment will involve manual hands-on therapy eg: soft tissues techniques, stretching, joint mobilization and osteopathic manipulation, dry needling etc. We may give advice on posture and ergonomics, and prescribe you rehabilitation exercises to improve your flexibility, strength and co-ordination. It is your responsibility to follow these exercises in your own time to achieve maximum results in your treatment/management plan. If we believe you are unfit for work, we will issue a medical certificate or make certain work arrangements with your employer.

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